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3F-MOTIMOVE (Motivate to Move): is a system to overcome the current barriers that prevent widespread use of functional electrical stimulant (FES) for persons with disabilities.

MOTIMOVE will be a modular multi-channelelectronic stimulator which communicates wirelessly with the Android/ Windows/ Apple platform using graphical command display for the selection of the application, fast one-time calibration, and setup of stimulation parameters, as well as the use of sensor driven control.

The physical functions that MOTIMOVE will support are: pedaling – biking, stand up and walking, upper extremities movements, exercising to prevent disuse atrophy and contribution to maintaining range of movement of joints.


3F-AFU: Anti Fatigue Unit postpones muscle fatigue with asynchronous distributed stimulation 

Insoles for wireless real-time gait analysis. Each insole comprises five high-quality industrial pressure sensors, digital 6-axs IMU (an accelerometer and a gyroscope), and the rechargeable battery. The sensors are robust and have no hysteresis. The system allows precise detection of gait cycle events and pressure distribution over the sole.

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An instrument for the assessment of spasticity based on the pendulum test.

Wireless recording of knee motion in sagittal and transversal plane and 2-channel EMG recordings.

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Development of electrode arrays and methods of their use in functional electrical therapy systems.

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